What Are Tree Braids?

A woman needs a hair style that can transform from work day to date night, playground to party spot without too much hassle or looking unnatural.  Tree Braids are a safe and protective hair style for both·relaxed·and natural hair.  There are two type of tree braids: Cornrow Tree Braids and·Individual·Tree Braids. ·Cornrow Tree Braids, and Individual Tree Braids are the most amazing protective braid styles there are. ·Tree Braids are a hair extension technique that gives a woman the best of both worlds - cornrowing your natural hair while inserting stands of commercial hair extensions.

Tree Braids are full, lush and beautiful and fall back from the face like natural hair.  The hair can be worn up depending on the length you select or it can be worn loose. You can pretty much part it wherever you like. Tree Braids almost completely cover and camouflage the cornrows. The real hair is braided into the cornrows, thereby protecting the natural hair and giving it freedom from daily hair-care stresses.


Tree Braid Facts

  • Tree Braids last 2-3 months with the right care and maintenance.
  • They take less time to put in than regular box braids and definitely less time than micros (average 4-6 hours).·
  • They give a free flowing natural look that’s impossible to get with regular braids.
  • You can use any length hair, from above shoulder length all the way to the middle of your back.
  • The braiding technique used is more secure than adding weave tracks.
  • Tree Braids can completely hide your hair away to give it a break from chemicals, heat styling, combing and brushing.
  • Tree Braids can be done on natural and relaxed hair.

    Tree Braid Care:

    One advantage of wearing tree braids is the low maintenance and the ease in which the are ared for. · ·The following tips will help you to get the most out of your braids and will also aid in the growth of healthy hair.

    Daily Maintenance

    Depending on the hair used for your tree braids (synthetic or human, wavy or straight etc) will determine how you brush or comb your style. Some synthetic hair such as the wavy·or curly hair cannot be brushed or combed. It is recommended that you use your fingers to release any tangles. Check the package the hair came in for recommendations. If the hair can be combed it is advised that you use a very wide tooth comb. Start at the the ends of the hair while holding the hair in the other hand and comb slowly. You cannot comb tree braids like it is your own hair or a sew in. Stay away from the braid on your scalp while combing. Be very gentle. Apply a small amount of oil or moisturizer to the hair for shine and frizz control. Grease your scalp at least weekly. Mositurize your scalp with a creamy moisturizer to promote hair growth and to eliminate itching and dryness. ·


    Before Bedtime

    Pull the hair back in one big ponytail and wear a satin bonnet or tie with head scarf. This will help to protect your edges and to keep the hair from frizzing. A satin pillow case also helps.


    Tree Braids can be shampooed. Especially, if you use synthetic hair. Take extra precaution when shampooing human hair to avoid tangling and matting. Shampoo the tree braids while in the shower. Add shampoo to water in a spray bottle and spray at the scalp. Massage lightly and rinse. Remove excess water with a towel. You can sit under a hooded dryer to dry or use a hand held dryer. Do not use a comb attachment! It will remove the curl or wave pattern from the hair. You may find that drying with heat will soften the extension hair and bring it back to life. If this sounds like too much work or you don't have enough time, just let it air dry.


    Removing Tree Braids

    The removal of tree braids is just as easy as taking down corn rows. Start by undoing the braid. As you undo the braid pull the extension hair out and discard. Once all the braids are out, spray hair with water and conditioner mix, and comb through starting at the ends and working your way up to the scalp. The comb out should be done carefully and in small sections. You may notice that you have some hair shedding but this is normal. Your hair sheds daily and while it is braided you don't notice the daily shedding.

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